New Generation Solar Farmhouse Generates All Its Own Energy

Image Credit: Deltec Homes 

With an increasing uncertain time of erratic weather and the effects of global warming, North Carolina’sı Deltec is becoming a well know brand in its sector of ultra-affordable & net-zero homes. Their latest product Net-Zero Energy (or also known as NZE) is being referred as the new generation in green building. What can be better than to produce all of your own energy in-house? You would never worry again about the overpriced energy bills or you can be un-dependent to the grid!

Last year the designers at Deltec launched their new line Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes which was a hit and became popular in America in a very short time. Now we are very excited to see them introduce a brand new design to their collection; a classic style but charming at the same time; the Solar Farmhouse. What separates this design with the older model is of course, is the futuristic technology used that makes the house achieve net-zero energy.

Image Credit: Deltec Homes 

The Solar Farmhouse captures the perfect “American Home Dream”, with 2029 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a darling 128 square-foot covered front porch. It may look like a traditional farmhouse, but be assured this latest version is fully loaded with modern functionality. The rooms are large and are spacious, the celling’s are a net 10 foot high, a  good amount of storage room, and the design of the home allows the home to circulate air more efficiently.

Image Credit: Deltec Homes 

The open layout of the Solar Farmhouse design puts the kitchen, dining and the sitting room all in one spacious area. The company basically supplies the core of the home, with several options of amenities that can be added to the homeowners liking.

These amenities include:

A240 Square foot covered back porch, metal roof, fresh air ventilation, passive solar awnings and a detached carport or even a garage.

The homeowners can choose either a pre-installed window package or pre stained siding window package. The company can also provide energy modelling to help further the buyer to select the most energy efficient feature according to their homes climate.

The shell of the Solar Farmhouse starts at around $62,000.

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Source: Deltec Homes

Author: Mr.Bee

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