US Veterans To Return To Standing Rock After DAPL Decision To Carry On

Back in December 2016 over 2000 US Veterans went to Standing Rock not only to support and bring attention to this great cause but to also ease some of the violent pressure that the peaceful protestors endured relentless punishment from the heavily militarized police at the time.

But unfortunately with President Donald Trump supporting the oil company a new turmoil and uncertainty has begun at Standing Rock. The Veterans said:

“We have continued to stay in contact with indigenous and camp leadership and have identified several areas where the Veterans Stand network can continue to serve the needs of the camp and local community.”

And on 01/27/2017 they released a press statement for the media. You can read the statement below:


LOS ANGELES, CA : In response to recent aggressions and the passing of legislation which clears the way for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Veterans Stand is announcing that we will continue operations in support of the people of Standing Rock, the Water Protectors who have held the front lines, and the sustainability of our precious environment. 

In the past two weeks the turmoil and uncertainty at Standing Rock has increased significantly. As we continue to monitor and stay in contact with the indigenous and camp leadership we see several areas where Veterans Stand and our network can continue to serve the local community. 

In the spirit of service, and in the name of a free and evolutionary sustainable America, Veterans Stand is committed to ensuring that no human or civil rights violations go unchecked, that the voices of the people are truly heard, and that we leave behind a stable and unpolluted environment for future generations.

Respectfully, Veterans Stand Team

The US Veterans clearly state that their mission here is to support and unite the divided, with the help of their military background expertise. They will continue to keep their promise to defend the US from all enemies, foreign or local by fighting the oppression to the fellow brothers and sisters working to create a better future through continued sacrifice and service. With the renewed support coming from the US Veterans the question remains how much longer can the mainstream media keep silent?

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Author: Mr.Bee

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