This is a story that is a reminder that there is still hope in humanity, that even one person can make a difference.

In the Bay of Fundy, Canada, a massive king lobster taller than a toddler was caught – and then was purchased by a local vegan activist so it could be set free alive, to its chilly home.

The lobster which was named King Louie was caught by Rodney MacDonald, whose family runs the Alma Lobster Shop. After the local media found out about the massive lobster, the shop owner received a few suggestions on what to do with King Louie.

King Louie was bought by a lady named Katie Conklin, who’s a vegan and lives in Nova Scotia; she paid around $230 to the shop owners to make sure the King would be returned to his open-water kingdom.

According to abc News:

“Although the MacDonald family makes a living selling lobster, Rodney’s wife, Brittney MacDonald, said they were “fine” with returning King Louie to the bay.

With the gargantuan lobster secured in his crate, Rodney MacDonald went against his fisherman instincts and drove his boat out to the middle of the bay to return the lobster to its home. He is seen on video saying “Thank you” to Conklin, who was almost 230 miles away in Nova Scotia, before placing King Louie in the water, which was followed by a small splash.”

Conklin went on to say:

“I just hope he carries his genes and lives a happy life for his second chance.”

Furthermore, Rodney MacDonald said his been in the lobster business for over 20 years, and buys more than a million pounds of lobster every year but King Louie was the biggest and the first lobster he’s ever set free..

Source: abc News

A Collection Of Other Lobsters That Were Saved From Becoming Dinner This Year

King Louie isn’t the lobster in Canada fortunate enough to be caught and returned to the sea this year. In July, a group of monks on Prince Edward Island purchased 600 lobsters and then set them free in the ocean.

In October, another giant lobster was caught in Bermuda after Hurricane Nicole. Local fishermen Matthew Jones and Tristan Loescher were surprised to snag a 14-pound crustacean instead of the snapper they were fishing for. After bringing the lobster to shore, disentangling him from the fishing line and trying unsuccessfully to contact marine experts, the two decided “the best thing we could do was get it back in the ocean before it got too weak,” Jones told the Washington Post.

Lobster trapping is illegal in the area where Jones and Loescher caught the crustacean, and besides, Jones said, it wouldn’t taste very good because of its size.

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