Have you ever watched a Wildlife Documentary? If so, you know how intense it can get and at any given time the predators may find themselves becoming the prey. I can assure you that this one will have you on the edge at all times. Recently, BBC Earth published a short clip from their famous documentary series ‘Dynasties’, and it shows a young male lion named Red exploring the boundaries of his pride’s territory. However, this time Red has gone out alone and finds himself quickly surrounded by a pack of over twenty hungry, blood thirsty hyenas. He is now trapped, he desperately ties to growl and fend them off, but the hyenas are an experienced clan and will not give up so easily. In this battle the hyenas have only one strategy and that is to wear him down to the point he can no longer defend himself. Hyenas are extremely intelligent and have the ability to coordinate hunts fast and effectively.

Scroll down to find out how this battle ended. The ending will make your day!

When they mature, young males will start to explore the pride’s territory.

“Red has ventured out alone. And blundered straight into the middle of the hyena town.” – The narrator explains

He is now trapped by well over 20 hyenas. Which are all hungry!

This is the moment the hyena clan starts to wear him down. This experienced clan could easily kill him if he is exhausted.

“It’s impossible to fight them all at once. He can’t keep them at bay for much longer. He is tiring fast.” 

Watch The Video Till The End of This Epic Battle!

Image and Video Credit: BBC One DYNASTIES

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