Winter is already here and it’s freezing outside, just last week we witnessed Chicago being colder than the North Pole. Every day just waking up in a warm home, a shelter over our heads we should be grateful for this, because just in America there are over 553.000 people that are homeless and this number is increasing. We live in a very difficult world and everyone is not that lucky, no matter what the reason of them being homeless it does not change the fact that they are lonely, they do not have a family that supports them or even positivity and hope for a better tomorrow. But we can be sympathetic, knowing that ‘Homelessness’ is a result that shows how bad the system on Earth is…While we give away our old clothes or blankets as a contribution knowing that it’s not the solution, if only there was a more sustainable solution.

Well, a French engineer who understands what it means being homeless has come up with an idea. This year Europe is expected to see records in low temperatures and France is already under a Siberian freeze that’s sweeping across it. Driven by Europe’s freakishly low temperatures, designer Geoffroy de Reynal who is an engineer in the energy field (MSc) has come to the rescue of the 3000 people currently living on the streets of France. It all started while he was working on a job as the quality manager on a construction site when he learned from his friends about the worsening conditions in France. This is when he said to himself he had to make a contribution too the homeless.

So he came up with a plan, put his knowledge into practice and addressed this problem adequately. The result was a pop-up igloo style home, which can easily be made erect, set up anywhere without any hassle and easily accommodate one person. It is made of polyethylene foam and the inside is made from aluminium foil. The best part of the design is the double layer which prevents the freezing temperatures from affecting the inside keeping it approximately 15° warmer than the outside.

De Reynal has named his invention ‘Iglou’ – There are some more features that come with it! The shelter also has a thermal insulation built in it which can absorb the body heat and raise the inside temperatures by 20°. It also has a solar panel switch that occupants can control and add to their privacy

Aside the harsh winter condition, currently France is also a very turbulent place right now. With the on-going protests, there have been reports of increased violence and theft and the nights can become extremely dangerous and scary. The homeless are the most that are being affected by all of what is going on, thanks to ‘Iglou’ this invention can also be used as a safe house as well.

In addition, if the tent is damaged it can be repaired and is also waterproof and recyclable. So if it gets dirty, it can be washed and it won’t get ruined. How amazing is this design?

Nine of them were put to test in various parts of Bordeaux, France by the maker. De Reynal received logistics support by NGO, Médecins du Monde. The outcome of the ‘Iglou’ was impressive in Bordeaux, and suddenly most of the homeless asked if they could have one for themselves as well.

This project was a result of the right mission, creativity, a social responsibility and a little help. It just goes on to show that if we try and have the right motive we can do anything. The French designer has not only made an amazing home for the homeless but also has proven that humanity still exits. Maybe, stories like this will be used as an inspiration. We all share the same planet that we call home and no matter what the reason we should try our best to help each other where and when we can.

Always be kind and share so that we can make our world a better place to live in.

Let’s do it!

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Source: Truth Theory

Images Credit: Iglou