Moments before the Astronaut obscures the camera.

The below video has caused an outcry online by conspiracy theorists who have been keeping a close eye on the ISS live stream. NASA and the Astronaut involved have come under fire because the UFO Network has accused them for deliberately covering up a UFO Sighting.

The short video was recorded over the weekend and shows a metallic white glowing object passing right behind ISS, you can see the astronaut’s hand and right after that his body obscuring the scene.

What is the object? A UFO?

The UFO Network say it could not be just a coincidence because the timing of the hand obscuring the camera is just too perfect, and they believe that the astronaut deliberately tried to hide the object from the camera.

When you watch the video, to be honest it’s rather hard to spot the object in the footage at first, and only when it’s slowed down you can get a better understanding. The only way the astronaut could have known the object was behind him is that he was informed and given directions through his headset.

After further examination, it would be fair to say that the object was too far to be certain whether it was a UFO or Not. The powers that control Earth would not allow the ISS feed to go on for long and would simply cut the live feed, which they have done countless times in the past. We suggest that the timing may be a matter of perception rather than the astronaut deliberately obscuring the camera.

However, this does not change the fact that NASA has never been open and honest on the UFO topic and has kept the humanity in the dark for ages.

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Source: Daily Star