The archaeologists in Egypt, have made a spectacular tomb discovery — A tomb that has not been touched for over 4,400 years, the last resting place of a high priest.

This discovery of the year is located in Ṣaqqārah, also spelled Sakkara, which is also part of Necropolis of the famous ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, that lays 25 km southwest of Cairo.

Footage and Images show detailed colorful hieroglyphics and intricately carved Egyptians figures inside the complex. The owner, a royal priest named Wahtye is in the centre of the scene with his mother, wife and close relatives.

A number of figures that were found at the site dates back to King Neferirkare who ruled during the fifth dynasty (Old Kingdom), after further excavating the tomb the archaeologists are hoping to find the sarcophagus of the high priest himself. Neferirkare was in power in the 25th century BC.

This is the tomb’s entrance © AFP / Khaled Desouki

As excavations continue to clean up and restore the tomb, this discovery is “one of a kind in the last decades,” says Mostofa Waziri secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of All Antiquities.

The Video of This Amazing Discovery!

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Image and Video Credit: RT