“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” — Denis Waitley

Without any doubt our world has gotten a lot more difficult to live in. This is why if you want to be happy, it is extremely important to focus on the positive things in your life. Even though you may have the influence to control a lot more inside your life, the same cannot be said for your surroundings. When you start to look at what is going on in our world you just realize that things have gone in a wrong direction recently.

While our wages have stayed the same, housing prices, expenses and any bill that comes to your mind have skyrocketed! I am lucky because I had the chance to enjoy being the good old kid who played outside, went on adventures on the bike …Sadly, children no longer play outside, but spend their whole day in front a cell phone or computer screen. It has scientifically been proven that our self-esteem is on the lowest since being researched in modern day history. The main reason for this is because our esteem nowadays depends on the number of likes we get for each photo posted on either Instagram or Facebook. Relationships? Where to even begin? They are no longer based on pure love but for short term needs, and losing cell phone is the worst thing that may happen.

I’m an optimist by nature but I have to admit that our world has changed for the worst.

Here is a compilation of funny but realistic images that we have put together that illustrate the modern world as it is.

1. Computers Are Getting Smaller Each Year and People Are Getting Bigger.

Image Credit: Artist is Unknown

2. Sadly, Isolation Becomes the New Form of the Human Nature.

Image Credit: endlessorigami.com 

3. Who Needs Friends or Family, When You Have the Latest Model of Samsung? Righ…

Image Credit: Maria Scrivan. 

4. The Real World…There is a Price to Live on This Amazing Planet.

Image Credit: collegehumor.com

5. This is Where Sagging is Headed…Ha?

Image Credit: imgur.com

6. A Classic…TV’s Are Slimmer But People Are Bigger.

Image Credit: Artist is Unknown

7. Water is Now More Valuable Than Gold…The Next Image Will Likely Be Water Wars.

Image Credit: Bishtoons 

8. The War of Texting VS. Calling.

Image Credit: Artist is Unknown

9. Durability Then And Now…Those Good Old Days!

Image Credit: Artist is Unknown

10. The Evolution of Philosophy…Can You Disagree?

Image Credit: Artist is Unknown

11. How the Life of a Runner Changed.

Image Credit: Right-Brained

12. The Biggest Waste in a Decade.

Image Credit: wronghands1.com

13. How it Was Being a Teacher in 1960 and How it is Being a Teacher Today.

Image Credit: cagle.com 

14. How the Roles Are Reversing Sooner Than Ever Before.

Image Credit: cagle.com

15. The Change in Holiday Pictures Before & After Smartphones.

Image Credit: DanielZarz4 

16. Checking The Mail Then and Now.

Image Credit: Poofytoo

17. The Shift From Being Cruel To Barbaric.

Image Credit: Artist is Unknown

18. Haha…Then And Now: George Lucas.

Image Credit: Artist is Unknown

19. No One Knows the Value of Hard Work Anymore (Grandpa’s Statement).

Image Credit: Dorkly

20. The Good Old Landlines Jokes.

Image Credit: Dave Coverly 

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