The onset of spring has left Lake Michigan covered in gorgeous shards of ice – And it looks Amazing!

After months of freezing Winter, Spring has finally sprung and the world is starting to thaw once again. At the beginning of March, half of Lake Michigan was covered by ice, but with the rapid increase in temperatures the lake has started to melt.

Melting water on the lake has frozen in place, looking like a mosaic of blue tiles or preserved waves. This happens when water moving under a frozen surface starts to push up the layers of ice and causing them to stack on top of one another.

The gorgeous display was visible along South Haven’s pier.

As amazing as this frozen lake looks, the U.S. Coast Guard Grant Heffner has asked those enjoying the scene to stay off because the ice is ‘deteriorating‘ and ‘breaking up

The fact it’s fractured into thousands of pieces should be indication enough that the surface isn’t very stable, and those razor-sharp icy edges look like they’d have no problem causing some damage.

It won’t be long before the frozen lake is fully melted and back to its liquid state, so locals and tourist should make the best of it while they can. Maybe Disney might want to head over there to record Frozen part two of the animation movie, it would definitely save them some time on the animation that’s for sure.

Here’s what someone who was fascinated had to say on Twitter:

“This is mesmerizing. The frozen water of Lake Michigan has started melting and is pushing up these shards of ice. I’m obsessed!”

We live on an amazing planet, always full of surprises and beauties, while it will be sad to see this gorgeous scene to disappear at least that means warmer weather is heading our way.

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