A comment made by Thomas Zurbuchen, who is an associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission, has come out and said that he believes that it is very likely that there’s life beyond planet Earth. With this comment he has caused excitement within the UFO community, which believes this statement is another milestone in the ‘Alien Disclosure Agenda’.

This past week during an interview at Boston University when asked if he believed in alien life, he had the following to say:

“Is there life beyond Earth? I think the answer is yes — but we just don’t know. The simple reason I think so is because we underestimated nature when we doubted whether water or complex molecules would exist beyond Earth. Each one of those is much easier to achieve than we thought possible.”

“We find it right in front of our doorsteps, everywhere, including the polar craters of the planet Mercury,” he continued. “As for how that relates to the chain of life… well, life is much more likely to be out there than we thought before.”

Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate.

When talking about ‘Space Tourism’ Mr Zurbuchen also had another bold statement; he said it was an extremely important experience to have and claimed that today going to space was as easy as going to Paris.

However, he did add that he was not thinking of going to space because it would require months of heavy training to undergo and get ready for such a challenging journey.

While the race intensifies to colonize Mars and find planets that may have life on, Mr Zurbuchen said he has chosen to keep his focus closer to home.

Thomas Zurbuchen said that he was spending a lot more of his time thinking about Earth, and argued that any future space travels would be completely futile unless humanity does not secure the planet’s future and find a solution to the ‘Climate Change’ problem.

Lately, there is an increase in people who work at or for NASA openly talking about possible life beyond Earth. Nowadays, we are seeing people higher up in the administration coming out and talking about their beliefs in alien life.

Is humanity being prepared for a full alien disclosure? As always lets us know what your thoughts are about this.

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Source: NASA News

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