As it was not enough that we have all the fake news, misinformation, a billion conspiracy theories that are being fed to us daily by organized establishments which are sponsored by unlisted companies, one should not be surprised to learn that the number of Flat-Earth believers is increasing. When you start to lose your grip on reality and solidity or anything in your daily lives, you start to believe that the Planet you call home is flat and that it seems almost guaranteed that you believe there is an edge at the very end of it. Having said this, there is also a strong demand that has recently started online for a reality show to make Flat Earthers find the edge of the planet.

Like we don’t have enough unfounded beliefs in our world now we have the Flat Earth believers added to this list. The fact is we have known that our world has been round for over 2000 years now.

Before humanity even went to space or even anyone circumnavigated the globe, the ancient Greeks had figured that the Earth is round-shaped, rather than flat.

A great Greek thinker and mathematician, Eratosthenes managed to discover the Earth’s circumference without using any fancy high tech equipment. So how did he do it?

One day he noticed that at noon in one Egyptian city, the Sun was right overhead, but in another city the Sun did not rise quite so high. The Greek thinker knew exactly the distance between both cities, so he measured how high the Sun rose in the sky in each city at the same time, and then did some trigonometry. His technique was simple but the results were right on spot.

You can even prove that the Earth is round yourself and the easiest and fastest way to prove this is when you see people ‘dropping’ behind the horizon or just watch a lunar eclipse… the list goes on and on.

When you try to explain to a Flat Earth believer with proven facts rather than to put up an argument they would prefer to twist or refer to documents which have no foundation, just to prove their point.

Flat Earthers put forward an argument using the Holy Bible to make their belief valid and Big Think has compiled some of them for us. They believe that at the very edge of the world there is massive tree, a tree so big that it can be viewed from all corners of Earth. Although this is only an interpretation of a part in the Bible, they use it as a source of scientific proof. They argue that this tree can only be visible on a Flat Earth and Not a Round Earth (Wish there was a photo for this one).

Other beliefs that go along with this are, apparently our gravity is not real and there is a massive ice wall that surrounds the rim of the disc-like Earth. For this reason the oceans stay in place and do not overflow to outta space.  But luckily the Flat Earth Society has come forward and said:

“To our knowledge, no one has been very far past the ice wall and returned to tell of their journey.” Hmm…

An animation of the day/night cycle according to Flat Earth Theory over the course of 24 hours. Credit: Flat Earth Society

Despite that none of their beliefs are supported by any valid evidence, provided by people who have experienced the planets curvature from out of space or even those who have been to Antarctica – According to a Study conducted in 2018 Flat Earth believers are expected to rise even more.

Actually, the Flat Earth theory could be resolved once and for all. A reddit user has come up with the perfect idea – Why not make a reality show out of this? Why not create an opportunity for our society to educate and correct this misleading information, which by the way is being sponsored by the government which don’t want an educated population. The reddit user has also set the mission for this reality show. The mission will be that a group from the Flat Earth Society has to find the edge of our world. Not that they will be able to find something that does not exist but if used in the right way it may be educating and on the fun side it may be something entertaining to watch, as well as a relief.

Okay, although the Flat Earth believers’ conspiracies may be amusing, and a talking topic, there lays a great danger with such a show, as contestants would be a laughing topic especially because there is no edge of our world to be found. But on the positive side, Flat Earth believers will be presented with an opportunity to share their theory and related beliefs with all the watchers, while trying to prove their theory right.

You never know maybe they will find the ice wall, climb it and find the edge of the world. Would you not want to watch such a reality show? With the trending topic, maybe some Hollywood filmmaker will make a movie about it.

How about you, do you think a reality show is a good idea or what?

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Source: Big Think