For the second time, repeating bursts of radio signals are being received form out of space.

These radio signals, or FRBs, are extremely hard to catch and study because they are very short and random signals. These latest signals have travelled from a galaxy 1.5 billion light years away. And it is a complete mystery as what kind of source could cause such short and sharp bursts.

These bursts that last for a short time can produce the same amount of energy the Sun produces in an entire year! Can you ımagine the amount of energy we are talking about? How can you even define it?

We just don’t know what they are; the radio bursts could be a result of an exploding star or even created by black holes.

However, there is one person who believes in something entirely different. Professor Avid Loeb from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in America believes these signals are being produced by an advanced alien technology, and is the proof that we are not alone after all.

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These radio signals are elusive and last for just a few milliseconds. Image Credit: DailyMail

Video Source: CHIME Collaboration. 

It was just pure luck that the first signal was detected in 2007, when a Canadian team was searching for FRBs in data from 2001. After this, the Canadian Team started using a new type of radio telescope, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (Chime). And they were able to detect 13 more of these bursts last year. (Their research has now been published in the journal Nature).

But here comes the best part, one out of the 13 signals repeated 6 times.

Until this date there are 60 known FRBs detected, but only once has there been a repeating burst which was detected by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico in 2015. So with the latest discovery of the 6 repeats we now have two sets of signals that have repeated.

A member of the Canadian Team ‘CHIME’ said:

“Knowing that there is another suggests that there could be more out there. And with more repeaters and more sources available for study, we may be able to understand these cosmic puzzles—where they’re from and what causes them,”

An Artist’s interpretation of radio signals comıng from space. Image Credit: PHYS.ORG

Tom Landecker, a team member at CHIME’, said:

“We haven’t solved the problem, but this repeating signal is another piece in the puzzle”.

One thing is for sure, you do not get a signal repeating itself. Could these mysterious radio bursts point to alien life in the Universe? More importantly is there a message coded in the signal yet to be discovered? Please leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

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Source Credit: Nature