Is this a sign from God or what? A calf with a huge eye in the centre of its forehead and with no ears has been born in the Bardhaman Districts which lays West of Bengal in India. The unfortunate calf which also does not have a nose is now being worshipped as a God.

The weird looking animal-creature-like-Cyclops has gone viral and not just in India, people around the globe have commented that this could be a sign from God indicating that the end is coming.

The poor calf has only one huge eye right in his forehead. Image Credit: The Sun

Hindus from all over the world pray and worship cows. The reason for this is that in India cows are believed to be a manifestation of the Mother Goddess and a sacred animal which is providing ‘Life’ through ‘Sustaining Milk’, a holy offering from the Gods.

When Historian Mukul Kesavan was asked

“Why do Indians love cows so much?” he said:

“Its large eyes, its calmness, its matte skin tinted in a muted palette that runs from off-white to grey through beige and brown, its painterly silhouette with its signature hump, make it the most evolved of animals”.  To be honest I would love to know his thoughts about this Cyclops, maybe in the nearby future he might make a comment.

The owner said that the calf was disowned by his mother right after birth, no doubt because of its condition. Luckily, the calf’s bad luck turned when the local villagers heard about the animal and started to take care of it. Today, the calf is being worshipped and treated as miraculous gift sent from Mother Goddess herself

The owner also said that:

“The people think that worshipping the cow is going to bring luck and prosperity to the family of whoever worships it.”

Although, being open to interpretation to whether or not the calf’s out of this world look, is a message from the divine, scientists believe otherwise. According to scientists the cow’s weird look is a result of ‘Cyclopia’ disorder which apparently is not that uncommon.  The word ‘Cyclopia’ comes from Greek Mythology ‘The Cyclops Giants’ which is a race once believed to be vicious shepherds who lived in Sicily

Lately, we have started to hear ‘One-Eyed’ animal stories coming out in various parts in our world, most making headlines, and some videos even going viral. Why suddenly, in the past five years we have started to see an increase in such births? I do not know, maybe it could be the result of the damage we have caused as race to this beautiful planet. As always if you know leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

In addition, take a look at the Goat Cyclops that was also born in India Last Year. 

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Source Credit: The Sun