Strange lights, UFO activity in the skies of Dublin, Ireland. Image Credit: Drez Vidz

It all started on the 27th of December 2018, when an explosion down town at Con Edison substation which caused the skies to turn blue in New York City. People all of over New York started sharing videos on social media of the eerie light, a majority fearing an alien ınvasion.

The official statement stated that the eerie blue light was the result of nothing more than a transformer explosion. All makes sense, I mean there is even a video of the transformer burning up, right? I don’t think so because we have seen hundreds of transformers exploding, you can find countless videos all over the net, but none of them are even close to what we witnessed in New York City. So, what’s the difference this time compared with all the others that ever exploded?

Because, we have started to see this phenomenon occurring in other countries as well.

After ‘transformer explosion’ New York sky turns eerie blue. Video Credit: CBS

Is it just a Coincidence that these mysterious ‘transformer explosions’ started to happen elsewhere, causing the skies to light up? On the very same day it happened in Kenner Louisiana, Queens and Mexico City. A couple of days later we saw this happen in North of Ireland. One thing is for sure it’s a widespread phenomenon that is happening and increasing. Is there any kind of connection? Could it be the results of a geomagnetic storm? Are these the results of a new Project Blue Beam Test?

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Some very interesting UFO activity going on in North Ireland. video Credit: Drez Vidz

The below video was recorded on the 27th of December 2018 by a gentleman named Giovanni Bommari showing the exact moment electrical explosions occurring in the area of Kenner, Louisiana. Right after the explosion the area is left without power, leaving over 10.000 people in the dark.

Mysterious light explosions over Kenner, Louisiana. Video Credit: WWLTV

New Orleans was hit by a strong storm where the winds were as high as 51 MPH.

Power line explosions in Kenner Area. Video Credit: NOLA

With so many events lighting up the skies, all happening either on the same day or week it cannot just be a Coincidence.

Weird lights and Purple haze in Delta, BC. Video Credit: UFOmania 

With so many Volcanoes going off, flooding happening in the deserts…Maybe we are being given the signs of an imminent Pole Shift or The Mysterious Planet X? If you think you know the answer, leave a comment on our Facebook page.

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