An Empath is a person who has the ability to understand the emotional state of another individual.  There are many different types of Empaths and many levels of gifts and abilities.  It’s one thing to be an empath; it’s another to be a Heyoka.

Heyoka is a Native American term that means “sacred clown” or “fool”. The terminology actually doesn’t have anything to do with the actual meaning of the word because Heyokas are considered to be the most powerful types of Empaths.

Heyokas are people who can see the world in a different way and act in contrast to what is considered normal behaviour, which is why maybe the Native Americans dubbed them ‘clowns’ or ‘fools’.

Have you ever met a Heyoka in person? If you have then you’ve probably noticed that their behaviour mirrors your emotional state. What you see in them will show you what you must work on to grow and evolve spiritually. Connecting with a Heyoka can be an emotional experience. After your time spent with a Heyoka you’ll either feel angry and upset or incredibly peaceful and full of love. It’s just what they evoke in other people; those who’re ready to except they need to grow feel fulfilled while the others feel unsatisfied and upset.

Their great understanding of human emotions makes them radar for emotional reaction. Whenever they notice something emotional within another person they use it to map out a path for you in the future. It’s stronger than them and sometimes they even do it unconsciously.

If you leave a Heyoka feeling irritated and angry because of their ‘arrogance’ they’re actually showing you your need to be humble. Or if you leave a Heyoka filled with a sense of love, they may just be trying to show you the importance of self-love and acceptance.

The Heyoka give diverse guidance for every person they meet, since everyone’s emotional state is different. That’s why Heyokas are so powerful and their guidance depends on how open you are to understanding what they’re trying to convey.

Traits Of A Heyoka Empath

What are the traits of a Heyoka empath? How can you tell if you know one or maybe you’re one?

As we already mentioned, every Heyoka empath is different but there are some traits that are common for everyone and are indicative of this personality. Here are some of the most common signs for all Heyoka empaths:

— Being born breach (entering the world backwards)

— Developing some traits slower than normal people and other traits incredibly fast

— Dyslexia

— Being emotionally unpredictable

— Doing things backwards

— Thinking outside the box

— Looking younger than their age

No Heyoka will ever admit he is one. It’s something sacred they carry inside and consider it to be private and unique. They can recognize their fellow heyokas because they feel their energy. Since they’re deeply empathic they can be really sensitive to other people’s energy and they can see exactly how people’s emotions influence their relationships.

The Native American tribes respected and revered Heyokas for their abilities. They were also the ones to open people’s eyes to new possibilities and different angles of a situation and had the ability to shift the energy of a group through their understanding of emotions.

We’ve evolved as a society since those ancient times but even today Heyokas are known as excellent peacemakers, individuals who excel in interpersonal relations and keep the energy in a group balanced.

As the Heyoka sees it, we will be able to see a mirror of truth and, if we are humble enough to see it, see ourselves as we truly are.