When we hear about death straight away we think about the ‘tunnel of light’, this is where our souls follow when leaving the physical body, but what is the meaning of a ‘life review’? Is this the reason why almost always the soul gets sent back to the third dimensional reality? But the most important question of all, can we do anything to stop these cycles of reincarnation?

Do you know anyone who has had a near to death experience? Because anyone who has had a near to death experience said they didn’t want to come back to Earth and they felt a deep loving connection to the other side of the veil. Well, if everyone feels so much connected to the other side of the veil, why does a soul end up being sent back to this lower chaotic dimension?

Thousands of people who have had a near to death experience gives us some common insight of what happens when the soul leaves the human body.

  • Physical ‘death’
  • A tunnel and the ‘bright white light’
  • Seeing the other side of the tunnel
  • Meeting a friend, family, angel or an unknown guide
  • The persons ‘life review’
  • Being sent back to the 3rd dimensional reality (Earth)
  • Information (lessons) shared from the other side of the veil

The main reason why the tunnel of bright light is appealing; it gives us the chance to see a trusted deceased loved one. The feeling of love is so powerful that many people say it is much more than anything we can humanly experience in our reality. The truth is ‘the tunnel of light’ is a soul harvester designed to keep recycling your soul along with the energy of your physical body upon reincarnation.


The Life Review and the Near-Death Experience

Kimberly Clark Sharp once shared an interesting near-death account of the life review of a woman who saw an event in her life as a child. The lesson the woman learned from her life review is that our actions which seem unimportant can be more important than we can imagine on the other side. When the woman was a little girl, she saw a tiny flower growing almost impossibly out of a crack in the sidewalk. She bent down and cupped the flower and gave it her full unconditional love and attention. When the girl became a woman and had an NDE, during her life review she discovered that it was this incident with the flower that was the most important event of her entire life. The reason was because it was the moment where she expressed her love in a greater, purer, and unconditional manner. This example of a life review by Kimberly Clark Sharp is one of my favourite examples because it shows in a dramatic way a principle that appears in many life reviews. The principle is that the actions we think are unimportant may turn out to be the most important act we have ever done in our life. Unconditional and spontaneous acts of love are the greatest acts we can perform – even if it is directed at a tiny flower.

Spirit Guides

Upon coning to Earth we are all assigned our spirit guides, but who are they and more importantly what are their missions? Could it be that they are merely beings that are responsible for those who have kept us looped within the reincarnation system?

Many of us have experienced a spontaneous action that made no sense at the time but turned out to be exactly what was needed at the proper moment or not! We scratch our heads and think, “what made me do/say that?” This is an example of a spirit guide stepping in to guide you in some facet of your life.

Furthermore, it is possible to have many types of spirit guides that may influence a situation.

Wes Penre Papers shares his thoughts:

“I am not very keen on many of the ‘spirit guides’ who come and get you after you have departed from your body at body death; most of them are Sirian Helpers, such as non-physical Vegans and Grays. Be particularly on your guard if they tell you to follow them ‘into the light’ or ‘to the tunnel’, or go see relatives. If you choose to go with them, you will end up in the Sirian recycling system again with full amnesia, and then being shot down into a new body here on Earth.”

The Schumann Resonance

Right now you may be asking the question “How is it possible for a Gray to show love by being a spirit guide?” Please bear in mind that they are using advanced technology, beyond our comprehension to format our previous life’s memories. It is believed that the Schumann Resonance has been at 7.83 Hz for thousands of years if not more. However, we are happy to share with you that this is now changing and that it is rising approximately to 8.15 Hz per second.

If you would lıke some further ınformation about this, you can find daily data on a Russian website which can be translated into English. All you need to do is click on the “Frequency” that is located on the left hand side of the page.

Could it be possible that the tunnel of light is capable of creating a resonance of 1,000, 10,000 or even 1,000,000 cycles per second? What if the Grays were impervious to the Schumann Resonance or were programmed to appear as spirit guides, upon death of the physical vessel, to convince us to enter the tunnel of light?  At this point in time, you would feel immense love and would innately trust them, based on an artificial program designed to keep you trapped into the recycling system of reincarnation. Ultimately, it’s not love that one would feel; it’s just another artificial system of control to keep us locked in to this current system of negative energy.

Past Life Regression and Soul Groups

Through past life regressions, we know that all of our past lives are either stored within our cellular DNA and/or within our soul, yet we are unable to immediately retrieve these memories. When under hypnosis, you can remember all the details of a past life but once you come out of hypnosis, you have a hard time remembering what you had for dinner yesterday or who the last person was to call you. Does anyone else find this particularly odd? How is it possible to remember, in detail while under hypnosis, our past lives and why do we keep incarnating with the same cast of characters?

How to Exit the Reincarnation System

Cconscious Life News explains:

“Just by having this knowledge upon death, you can do opt out of the reincarnation process without being persuaded to come back for having to repaying negative karmic debts. Many of those who have predeceased us have already bought into the system but if they have not yet reincarnated or have made a soul contract, then they may also be saved from having to do this, yet again. It’s a truly a brilliant strategy by the archons to use the energy of love against us in order to keep us coming back as economic slaves to a system that feeds off of our energies.

Remember, “As above, so below”.  Just about everything we have been taught is a lie, including why we need to constantly incarnate into a system of economic subservience.

Upon death, we take what we have learned, including our personality. We also vibrate at a certain level, so as you increase your vibration now you will take all of your hard work with you. Remember to connect with your over-soul before entering the tunnel of light or ask your guide to help you to connect to your over-soul.  If you wish, you could tell people about the tunnel of light before they enter it.

If you enter the tunnel of light, do not allow any council to convince you that you need to repay any karmic debt.  Any perceived karmic debt was part of what you decided to experience. This doesn’t mean that you should have no guilt for intentionally harming someone because ultimately, we should love everyone and respect everything.

If you do decide to come back to help this planet, do not agree to come back to this 3rd dimensional reality through a “soul contract“ Come back on your own terms, which includes the remembrances of all previous lives and everything you have learned throughout your incarnations as well as on the other side of the veil.

You could come back into a fifth dimensional version of Earth, but only choose this if you are certain that it is a version that is not under the control of the archonic system. You could also choose to come back as a non-physical guide to the old 3rd dimensional system to help others, just as our guides have done.”

Ultimately, your true peace will be found once you realize that YOU are SOURCE/CREATOR and you have the ability to create worlds and galaxies that are harmoniously filled with love outside of this system of control.

Hope to see you there. Much Love!

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