We were collectively on a path to greater understanding of human motivation. Unfortunately, we have been lured away from this path, seduced by money, to many also referred as the Devil’s tool.

When you look at the state of the world today it’s easy to blame “Human Nature.”  It is believed that we are inherently greedy and that money is our primary source of motivation, whether it is to do good or not.  Yet my intuition always told me that modern society has nothing to do with human nature but instead with human Conditioning.

Think about it we only know what we are taught. Now, this is backed by a legitimate research.

People love money, and power and what they can get for themselves this is no surprise. But, to go as far as saying it is in our nature to be greedy is too far. As humans, we know what we are taught, and we are conditioned from a young age to think that money is the answer to all our problems. To be a functioning member of society we have to have it, and it is our sole reason for living.

But just how natural is it to value pieces of paper more than the health of the planet we live on? How natural is it to spend a lifetime working at repetitive jobs we don’t like simply to make money to survive? Is there more to life than this? I absolutely believe so!

Enjoy this amazing RSA Animate adapted from a Dan Pink’s talk.