“I saw the beautiful buildings becoming submerged. There was no trace of the city; Dwarka was just a name, just a memory.” — Arjuna in the Mahabharata

Dwarka an ancient city said to have been built by an ancient God and mentioned in one of the most sacred and ancient texts on Earth, the Mahabharata.

Until now, the very existence of the ancient city of Dwarka was a matter of legends and myths. But as many of us would know, myths and legends are divided by a thin line from reality.

The famous city is believed to have been founded by Lord Krishna and considered an extremely important historical landmark in the Mahabharata.

The modern city of Dwarka which in the language Sanskrit means “The Gateway to Heaven” lays north-west of the Indian State of Gujarat.

Back In the 1980’s when marine archaeologists dived into the ocean off the coast of the Gulf of Kutch, they made an amazing discovery. The archaeologist Dr. S. R. Rao who was the head of the expedition writes that seventy feet underwater they discovered the remains of a city. There were carved stone pillars, the stone jetty of a harbour, patches of walls, remains of sculptures, copper vessels inscribed in Vedic Sanskrit and most interestingly, triangular stone anchors. This proved that this long lost city had once been a busy port.

On shore excavations in 1963 and underwater expeditions between 1980 and 1993 at Bet Dwarka reclaimed a submerged city. And suddenly a chapter from the Mahabharata and the legend of the ancient capital that Lord Krishna had named Dwarka came alive. Now there was archaeological proof that Dwarka did exist at this location.

Furthermore, the modern city of Dwarka draws its reputation from the ancient, lost city of Dvārakā.

It is believed that the ancient city of Dvārakā was the first major capital of Gujarat.

Ancient Sanskrit literature explains how Lord Krishna, the eighth Avatar of Vishnu created the legendary city. Before the legendary city was created, Krishna lived in the city of Mathura. The kingdom, suggests Hindu mythology, was constantly attacked–seventeen times in total– by Jarasanda, a tyrant king, ruler of Magadha.

In all seventeen battles, Krishna prevailed, but Jarasanda did not give up and decided to attack Mathura for the eighteenth time. Krishna decided not to risk his people and plans to build another city, on an island located on the western coast of India.

How Was the City of Dvārakā Built?

There are many versions of how the infamous city was actually buılt.

The Ancient Code Explains:

“In one version of the story, Krishan was brought by Garuda, the mount of Vishnu, just off the coast of India, where he eventually builds the city of Dvārakā.

Another version of the story suggests that Brishan invoked the ‘celestial builder’ Vishwakarma, who is worshipped as the deity of construction.

However, as Krishan summoned Vishwakarma he was faced with another problem. Land. Vishwakarma informed Krishna that the task of building the legendary city could only be completed if Samudradeva, the Lord of the Sea, provided him with some land.

Since Krishna worshiped Samudradeva, the deity was pleased and offered Krishna 12 yojanas of land.

As the land was gifted to Krishan, Vishwakarma, the celestial ‘architect’ eventually completed the task of building the legendary city of Dvārakā. The city soon grew and became famous, housing thousands of people, in hundreds of palaces.

The city was extremely well-protected and could only be reached by boat. The city was also extremely well planned: divided into six sectors which were in turn divided into residential, commercial areas. The city was home to beautiful large roads, incredibly decorated plazas, gardens and artificial lakes, and more than 800 palaces made of gold and precious stones.

The legendary city of Dvārakā is also the place where a mighty ‘aerial battle’ took place.”

The Aerial Battle

According to ancient Hindu texts, Dwarka was a skirmish ground for Krishna and the evil King Salva. As the Mahabharat says, King Salva attacked Dwarka with a flying machine (Vimana Aircrafts). It is the description of the battle that draws the attention of the ancient alien theorists, as it seems to suggest it was fought with sophisticated technology and advanced weapons, potentially with a craft attacking from the orbit. The space craft commenced an attack on the city with the use of energy weapons, which to the watchers resembled vicious lightning.

The attack that took place was so devastating that city was left ruined.

Lord Krishna counter attacked and fired his weapons on the attacking ship. Mythology describes them as arrows roaring like thunder and shining like the rays of the sun when released. The Indian mythology is replete with accounts of how the original Dwarka looked like.

Furthermore, the legend says that after this Krishna eventually departed our planet, and left the ocean to consume the city of Dwarka.

We will leave it up to you to decide whether fact or fiction. When mythology becomes reality…

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