9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown To Public

The 9/11 tragedy shook America, and the world. But while many individuals have accepted the official story that it was a terrorist attack, so much information has come to the surface over the years to push aside alternative viewpoints as just more conspiracy theories.

I think the obvious question to ask would be – Why the heck wouldn’t the Pentagon release all security tapes that were recorded right outside the Pentagon Building? And why did they confiscate all video footage which was taken by a nearby gas station which the cameras were also recording most of the Pentagon? And, what about the video recordings from the Sheritan National Hotel?

Then you have the multiple reports of on-going explosions that people reported at the World Trade Centre prior to the so called planes crashing? Why the heck did they get dismissed? There are just too many questions, And too much information that wasn’t given a second thought, to not at least acknowledge that a cover-up is a credible reality.

It’s also emphasized in the study that the collapse mechanics are only a fraction of the available evidence indicating that the airplane crashes and fires had nothing to do with the building collapse:

Videos show that the upper section of each tower disintegrated within the first four seconds of collapse. After that point, not a single video shows the upper sections that purportedly descended all the way to the ground before being crushed. Videos and photographs also show numerous high-velocity bursts of debris being ejected from point-like sources. NIST refers to these as “puffs of smoke” but fails to properly analyse them. NIST also provides no explanation for the midair pulverization of most of the towers’ concrete, the near-total dismemberment of their steel frames, or the ejection of those materials up to 150 meters in all directions. NIST sidesteps the well-documented presence of molten metal throughout the debris field and asserts that the orange molten metal seen pouring out of WTC 2 for the seven minutes before its collapse was aluminium from the aircraft combined with organic materials. Yet experiments have shown that molten aluminium, even when mixed with organic materials, has a silvery appearance—thus suggesting that the orange molten metal was instead emanating from a thermite reaction being used to weaken the structure. Meanwhile, unreacted nano-thermitic material has since been discovered in multiple independent WTC dust samples.

Below is a video, one of several reasons why more people started asking more and more questions every single year since the event took place. 

9/11 Entire Pentagon footage with missile impact never shown to public!

Author: Mr.Spark

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