Meet Amarildo Silva who’s a young artist from Brazil, and is the owner of Caominhas Pets that is helping our planet by reducing waste, recycling discarded tires to create stunning, comforting warm beds for stray animals.

He first came up with this idea when he saw discarded tires in the parking lot of the supermarket where he worked and wanted make a difference while earning some money.

Scroll down and check out the beautifully decorated, cozy beds. Do you have a favourite?

Rather than ending up in nature, or causing ecological damage, these tires are being used for something truly wonderful, and are an inspiration for those who are looking for ways to help animals or the environment.

So far Amarildo has made over 1,500 beds from approximately 6,000 tires that could had been littering our planet.

“I am very moved because what used to be trash in the environment now becomes something very useful for animals,” said Amarildo Silva.

A love of recycling and crafting had already armed Silva with the necessary knowledge and know-how to transform the tires in amazing animal beds.

And the results are so adorable not to share.

The artist in his passion combined two things he loves the most; helping stray animals and doing crafts. Silva believes that his project will contribute to making a more sustainable world along with raising more innovative ideas for a socio-environmental impact.

You can find and support Amarildo Silva on his Facebook page: Caominhas_Pets2

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