The ‘Flat Earth Theory’ where to even start!

If I brought my lips to your ears and softly whispered, “The Earth Is Flat,” what would you think? No? Well, the chances are you’re in the majority. However, there are an increasing number of people who genuinely and passionately believe that they live on a Flat Earth. There are many head shaking moments when Flat Earth believers try to prove their theory right, and in this latest experiment they managed to debunk their own theory while filming a documentary for Netflix.

There are quite a few moments in Behind the Curve—a 2018 documentary, now on Netflix, that follows luminaries of the Flat Earth movement, especially a known You Tuber Bob Knodel. The highlight has to be the moment when the Flat Earthers manage to debunk themselves. Twice in Behind the Curve, experiments show the opposite of what Flat Earth advocates hope to demonstrate, with one such experiment, involving a flashlight, serving as the documentary’s ending. (1)

In the awkward yet satisfying scene, the Flat Earth believers managed to prove the Earth’s rotation using a $20,000 laser gyroscope, leading Flat Earth YouTube channel host Bob Knodel to nervously murmur, ‘interesting, very interesting…’ Oops.

Right after the experiments proves the very opposite, Bob says:

“What we found is, when we turned on that gyroscope, we found that we were picking up a drift. A 15 degree per hour drift. Now, obviously we were taken aback by that – ‘Wow, that’s kind of a problem.’ We obviously were not willing to accept that, and so we started looking for ways to disprove it was actually registering the motion of the Earth.”

Now, Bob has invested a great deal of money and a lot of time to the belief that the Earth is flat and square, so he is no hurry  to accept the simple truth just yet even with his own scientific proof.

“We don’t want to blow this, you know? When you’ve got $20,000 in this freaking gyro. If we dumped what we found right now, it would be bad. It would be bad,” he tells another Flat Earther. “What I just told you was confidential.”

Furthermore, for someone who has stated many times about information being suppressed by governments, it didn’t appear Bob wanted to share the scientific findings of the pricey equipment.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, towards the end of the documentary Bob’s co-host, Jeran Campanella, tries one more demonstration. He sets up two Styrofoam panels – at the same height – and cuts holes in them both. He then sets up a camera up at one end before shining a light through the holes.

According to the IMDb synopsis:

“Flat Earthers, a term synonymous with conspiracy theorists who wear tinfoil hats. Meet real Flat Earthers, a small but growing contingent of people who firmly believe in a conspiracy to suppress the truth that the Earth is flat.

One of the most prominent Flat Earthers is Mark Sargent who, in the midst of the upcoming Solar Eclipse, proudly speaks at the first Flat Earther conference.”

I don’t understand how you can still blindly continue to follow a theory which the logical part of your brain has just revealed to be untrue. I just don’t get it.

If you would like to watch the full documentary, ‘Behind The Curve is available on Netflix now.

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