Photo taken right after the tragedy.

Another mass animal death happens again! This time in the village of Landaduali, which is located under Aska Block – Ganjam.

This past Thursday (20.12.2018) it is estimated over 50 cows have mysteriously drop dead which have left the farmers devastated and caused panic wiıthin the village of Landaduali.

The interesting thing in this story is, it was just another usual day for the farmers, until the unexplained happened. The officıal report is the villagers took over 120 cows in the early mornıng for grazing to the hıll tops. The cows were grazing just as usual but then the animals started acting weird and shortly after, over 50 of them drop dead to the ground.

At this point panic broke out ın the village and some locals rushed to the area to try to understand what could have caused such a terrible tragedy. As you may know In Hinduism, cows are thought to be sacred and are deeply respected. They are held in high esteem, especially in the region.

Scientists and veterinary officials were informed and taken to the spot for examinations to try to determine the cause of deaths. So far the cause of deaths remain mysterious and unexplained.

One thing’s for sure, these mass animal deaths are increasing worldwide.

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