The monstrous Pig caught munching on leftovers. Source: FB Tu Dong

An incredible video right out of Hong Kong has caught the moments of a wild pig standing on its two feet like a human while feasting from a dumpster.

The video was recorded by terrified parents which were taking their children to school in Hong Kong when they caught PigZilla standing on his trotters trying to get his head deep in the dumpster, while his two buddies were keeping an open eye for incomers.

The concerning part is where the pig is actually doing the feasting. Because experienced hunters all state that wild pig in many cases can be much more dangerous to hunt down than a bear. They are equipped with thick razor-sharp tusks, and a razor-sharp mind. Also pigs are the 4th most intelligent animal that lives on Earth. Some wild pigs also known as ‘wild boars’ can weigh an incredible 650 lbs and are known to be extremely aggressive

The video has gone viral, and so far it has been shared over 10.000 times and viewed over 500.000+ times.

Most comments that were left expressed their concern of just how close this pig was to the school.

Here’s the Video of PigZilla Scavenging for Food.

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