I believe Kitesurfing has to be one of the coolest water sports of our time. Did you know that Richard Branson is not only a great fan of kitesurfing but he is also certain to become the sports’ biggest ambassador as well? When Richard was asked ‘Where are you most happy?’ he simply replied ‘Doing Kitesurfing of course’. As you know he has the finance and status to do literally anything on Earth he wants, but still his happy place is kitesurfing. To be honest I think that sums up quite a lot of this sport.

Richard Branson in his happy place. Image Credit: Jack Brockway

The video was recorded on a famous lake in the Western part of Australia aka The Hutt Lagoon. Sometimes a very bright bubblegum pink, sometimes lilac and occasionally even red, the lake gets its colours from Carotenoid-producing algae known as Dunaliella Salina, a rich source of ß-Carotene, A Vitamin which is also used as a food colouring agent. Not to mention Hutt Lagoon can be an extraordinary sight on a car drive between Kalbarri and Port Gregory at any time of the year.

Although it has its beauties it was actually very dangerous to record this kitesurfing video due to the lagoon having extremely sharp salt crystal formations everywhere.

Hutt Lagoon was first discovered in 1802 by Matthew Flinders a known navigator and cartographer who shared this amazing discovery with the world.

It is estimated that the Lake was mined for 6 -8 years for its minerals in the early 20th Century.

This Video Was Recorded on The 4th of 2018, Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia,

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Image and Video posted here with permission: ViralHog