While watching Star Trek twenty so years ago, would you have guessed that the stuff you saw on the TV series would one day become a real thing? It is widely believed not only by the fans of the show but also by a vast amount of people that Stark Trek encouraged a great deal of the electronics that we use in our daily lives such as touch pad screens, the infamous control deck’s ‘Virtual Reality’.

But there is one thing that has not yet been invented? Any ideas? – Yes, you guessed right! –The Teleportation device.

Famous theoretical physicist, Professor Michio Kaku has said that considering the advancement in technology, the ‘Teleportation device’ is not only technically possible but also the machine could be built within the next few decades.

The Professor at City University in New York went on to explain that several breakthroughs required to teleport humans instantly have already been discovered and it won’t be much longer when humans are being beamed across the cosmos. Before you judge this impossible take a second and look at the device you are using to read this post? Twenty years ago all we could do with a mobile phone was talk, text a message or play a two dot game. Nowadays, there is hardly anything that could not be done using a mobile phone; the games are beyond looking real. Having stated this, Dr Michio Kaku went on to say:

 “You know the expression “Beam me up Scotty”? We used to laugh at it. We used to laugh when someone talked about teleportation, but we don’t laugh anymore. Quantum teleportation already exists [and] I think within a decade we will teleport the first molecule.”

He also said that at an atomic level we have already achieved this in lab tests; to learn more about this click here.  The term used for this is ‘Quantum Entanglement’ and it permits links to be made between atoms, in other words, information being sent from A to B.

Since the entangled particles are linked in such a complex way, during the process anything done to one particle affects the others, even when done over further distances.  I think Albert Einstein stated it the best, he often called this “The spooky action at a distance”. In the earlier studies which were conducted in Austria revealed atoms being teleported through a room, and light beaming through the Danube River. Also last year, at the University of Geneva, the physicists managed to teleport the ‘Quantum state of a photon’ to a prearranged crystal which was placed over 20 km using optical fibre.

This latest experiment has broken the previous record which was just over 6 km achieved 10 years ago by the same team. Once the physicists manage to teleport the first molecule, the professor says the next would be to send photons to a lunar base before trials with other objects such as animals and ultimately humans.

When interviewed by Big Think, the professor said:

“In the coming years we do expect to be able to teleport molecules, maybe water and carbon dioxide. After that, who knows? Maybe even DNA.”

There are also those who do not agree with Dr Kaku’s statement, and say that the humans have too many atoms and would not be able to process all of them correctly into physical data, the results of the repositioning would not be possible at such a level.

Also there is a dispute that, with the current law no testing can be done on a living animal which means the dead animals’ atoms would be broken down and then reconstructed.

The professor said:

“Although teleportation is actually possible, it does come with a set of decent problems that would need to be solved step by step”.

What are your thoughts about teleportation?

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