What is the perfect home?

For many the ideal home is a mile from a supermarket, 5-10 miles from the coast, within walking distance of a favourite restaurant and close to the countryside, with two good neighbours living next door, and a newsagent nearby. Of course, it’s a fairy-tale picture because all around the world the cost of housing has increased to such a point that most families are downsizing their homes to be able to cope financially.

In times like this, there are families who are looking to invest in sustainable, off-grid homes so they can live in peace while enjoying the beauties of nature, if any part of this sounds like a good option for you, we are happy to inform you that a company named M.A.Di. has just announced their latest flat pack home that costs only $33K and it takes three people to assemble it in approximately 6 hours.

According to M.A.Di.:

“The building is certified as seismically safe and created with high-quality material. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 290-square-foot home for $33K to a 904-square-foot design for $73K. All basic models include a bathroom with sanitary facilities, kitchen connections, one stage staircase and technical installations.”

One of the best qualities of the house is you don’t need a concrete foundation for it to be constructed. The structures, pair well with solar panels, grey water systems, and LED lightning. “It creates cosy and safe places highly customizable according to your needs,” its website writes.

After final drawings are accepted, the delivery of the house is about 60 days. The structure includes all modern amenities, including a bathroom with sanitary facilities, kitchen connections, a staircase, and technical installations.

M.A.Di. looks like an ordinary house, but everything underneath the exterior is the complete opposite of “Simple”

The interior has a sleek and modern open-plan style

And this is how the structure looks when completed – Absolutely amazing!

Here’s a Time-Lapse of it being assembled.

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For more information check out their website: madihome.com