His-Story vs. Her-Story: The Truth About The Divine Feminine and What Has Been Kept Secret from You


I would like to start with a brief explanation of the title for it means “everything”, not in a metaphorical but real sense.

It means the “Word of the Creator”.

Since GOD is a name created by reversing the word DOG referring to the Lord of Sirius, Dog Star, we avoid using that word while referring to our ETERNAL CREATOR residing in the SOURCE of LIVING CREATION. I say living because the beings with spirit/soul are living beings and the humanoid beings are soulless beings and they are not the creation of our ETERNAL CREATOR.

As for the difference between the soul/sol and spirit, what you need to know is that Divine Spirit is from higher dimension and from what we call the Royal Divine Family. They are the original sons and daughters of the ETERNAL CREATOR. They are the Creator/Generator Divine Beings with the power and authority given by the ETERNAL CREATOR to create. They are created in pairs as Divine Couples and they are always together holding the energy of the Divine balance and harmony of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

They are not cosmic beings but the creators of the cosmic beings. They are the Divine Beings containing the essence of the ETERNAL CREATOR and creating universes. They hold pure spirit energy.

Souls, on the other hand, come from Sol/Sun. They are the sons and daughters of the Suns in our Universe. Suns are basically the fathers; the stars in their orbit are their children, other stars turn. That is why they say every person, other than the Divine Royal Family members, who are the essence of the creation, is a star.

Stars are not eternal. Their energy and light die out after certain period of time but they live for a very, very long time. The cosmic womb, the Mother of Creation, continuously gives birth to stars. In other words, every universe has a Divine Mother and Divine Father creating stars with their Heavenly Love. So, creation is or has never been a “big-bang” or coincidence. The explosion of one star can be considered as big-bang.

So what is “THE WORD”?

The Word is the DECREE of the ETERNAL CREATOR, Logos. It is the divine authority to make things happen by only saying it; such as “Let There Be Light!” and there is light.

Whoever is authorized to say “THE WORD” is the LOGOS of the Planet. Each Planet has a soul and the soul of the Planet is “THE WORD”. The Soul of our Planet with HER Divine Husband is the LOGOS. They are the Children of the ETERNAL CREATOR and directly coming from the Divine Royal Family of Creator Beings. In other words, in the multidimensional existence the Highest Self in the Source sends a part of Himself / Herself down to the planet, which is the lower self.

During the Great War that caused the downfall of the Planet and Humanity, the Logos of this Planet was hacked by alien beings and the Lord of Sirius declared Himself to be the One and Only God, who is nobody other than Lord Buddha.

The war ended with the complete destruction and division of the former Earth into two. The former Earth was double size of this planet. The Goddess Demeter/Diameter symbolizes the Earth being divided into 2 halves. The soul of the Planet was then present on the planet with her divine husband as incarnated being the Divine King and Divine Queen. The impact of this explosion was so huge that not only her planetary body but also her soul and consciousness were fallen into pieces. She was completely shattered. She has been completely rescued by the Divine Forces led by her Divine husband, the Divine King, and all of her pieces were brought back together. (I will go into the detail of this later in the following blogs)

So until recently the planet was being controlled by the alien beings behind the veil through the “World Wide Web” grid system they established to create a false reality. In order to put this grid system in place, they built certain structures on the nodes of the grid system, functioning like nervous system. The energy needed to maintain the energy field keeping us separated from the real World is distributed through the World Wide Web which is like the nervous system of the planet.

These are the weird structures which are impossible to build or carry with any technology we have had in the World so far and which humans have been discussing how on Earth they were built by ancient civilizations. Such as stones in Stonehenge or on Easter Island.

In order to generate the power needed for the false matrix, they have also built huge structures functioning as tourist attraction, such as Eiffel Tower, Big Ben etc. Think of it as the main board of a computer. There are busy routes leading people to certain places. Humans with soul are energy generators for the controllers. Since they are soulless beings, they supply all the soul energy to keep the illusion going from humans. That is why striking structures are built in busy areas and humans are directed to these places.

As for the Divine Feminine/ the Divine Spirit of the Planet being trapped here in the false matrix… Her memory was erased, she was put into sleep and used for the creation of the false matrix. She became the “Sleeping Beauty” constantly dreaming from age to age, cycle to cycle… She was keeping the cycle of ages turning being programmed by Illuminati and Cabal through the 3rd eye chakra which functioned as

Her soul was used to power the cycle of ages turning and her soul pieces were used to play the same role over and over again; Helen of Troy, Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Brigid, Queen Sisi of Austria, Elizabeth I of England. She was being fought over as the reward or she was being the fighter herself fighting for her people. 12 signs, 12 ages in the cycle of ages. In each age, in each sign she was being re-incarnated to play her role as fighter, lover, whore of Babylon, queen, the dark mother.  She was being hybridized with the alien genes to fit in her role since being a pure soul she did not have the necessary dark trends to become what she was “forced” to become.

It does not matter what you are presented with, peace or war, as long as you talk about a New Age you are still in the game, playing the game. Now, as they talk about the New Age, they are once again pushing people into a new game but this time on a new level.

Next, I will talk about the big lie called “ASCENSION”.

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Author: Mr.Spark

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